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Donate a stage for 1 day

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Doneer jouw sociale media kanaal voor 1 dag aan een Afrikaanse expert, met een oplossing tegen extreme armoede! Dat kan een Instagram-Story, YouTube-Shorts of een ander sociaal mediakanaal naar keuze zijn.

Registreer je hier:

Of via deze link:

Zodra de video-verhalen af zijn, laten we je dat weten, en kan je beginnen met delen!

Video-verhalen klaar, en dan?  

We verwachten dat in september de video-verhalen klaar zijn.

  1. Kies een video (max 3 min.) of shorts (max. 1 min.)
  2. Customize met format of tekst
  3. En klaar! Deel de video 1 dag als Instagram-story of YouTube-short

Donate a stage for 1 day (English)

iMPACT direct = 100% support to local solutions that help people out of extreme poverty. One way we do so is by showcasing the solutions and impact of African experts.

Why? In Europe, we often do not hear their stories, their expertise, and their results, since European media and Europe-based NGOs hardly tell these stories. This in turn makes it difficult for local solutions to receive the support they need. 

The Solution

The solution we have: Give a stage to stories directly from African experts. And you can join us in just 3 clicks!

  1. Register: Let us know you want to support an African expert; sharing a quality video from them on your Instagram or YouTube channel for 1 day: Register here
  2. Pick a video We notify you when the shorts are ready, and you can pick one of your choice to share!
  3. Choose a format to be able to add your personal note. And…you are ready to share!

More information on videos

In September 2024, we will have several shorts ready to share from our partner-experts. They will be produced by African video-makers, presenting the results of the solutions our experts have at hand to support people out of extreme poverty.

As an example of materials we already have:

Note: Since the video-stories to share are made by professional video-makers in several African countries, the quality of the videos will be even better.

More information on this campaign

  • With the new videos, our goal is to reach at least 100,000 people in the Netherlands, Europe and Africa. By sharing stories of African experts who have the solutions at hand, we aim to make a first step into equitable relationships and fair distribution of aid resources.
  • Moreover, quality visuals are vital to be able to reach people. However, we experience that our local NGO-partners often find it hard to produce quality visuals and videos, because they need the right equipment, skills and time to do that. The videos directly support them in reaching out to (potential) supporters more effectively.

The campaign is in collaboration with Africa No Filter, and is partly financed with a Communications Award from Wilde Ganzen.

iMPACT direct

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