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Fatuma Shikuku, a physically Impaired street business woman from Mombasa Kenya:

“The community sees my Disability and not my abilities.  She says,

“Being a woman with Disabilities, I face more stigma and discrimination by the society compared to men with Disabilities;

To make things worse i am the sole provider of my extended family since my husband and even siblings are jobless.

Nevertheless, despite all this, coupled with the bad economic times, I’ve decided to demonstrate my potential by supporting my jobless husband and children through this small business.

Thanks to Vision of the Blind for continuing to walk along with me through all these trying moments.”

My hope and prayer is to be able to grow this business to increase the income since currently i am draining and straining in order to cater for important expenses such as monthly health insurance scheme, school fees, house rent among other responsibilities.

Sadbary otieno

“My Disability has contributed in denying me waged employment.” Sadbary said

But that cannot stop me from moving on with life. The Covid situation has also continued to derail my hard work. But that cannot stop me from moving on with life! This is because i have got basic needs and responsibilities like any other person: but my family even the society in general does not recognize my challenges

Kudos to Vision of the Blind for supporting me by securing this business point and tools to operate this business as I focus on expanding it.”

Samuel Anyanga

Samuel Anyanga, (a street vendor with Physical Impairment) also from Mombasa Kenya:

Sammy Says: “Nothing is impossible if given the right opportunities;

When my own family and even the local community deserted me; when my business was struggling to recuperate from the effects of Covid-19; Vision of the Blind came to my rescue.

Now that i am almost on my fit, I am slowly attracting renewed relationship from my family members and neighbors & as it is, I am also contributing to the economy of my country through paying taxes even though no support is forthcoming from my government as a Person with Disabilities.


But the question is, how does the situation look like for many Potential entrepreneurs with Disabilities who are leading helpless lives; and are not able to access any support; or cannot tell their stories? The truth of the matter is that persons with disabilities are being left to struggle on their own in Mombasa at the mercy of their organization which do not have adequate sources to support them.

“Together, we can make it happen for the desired change.”

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