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The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed how vulnerable our systems and agencies are, further dampening spirits of those in already disadvantaged environments.

The nature of schools in Kenya is such that the only meal many students get is what is given in schools in the case of day schools, while in boarding schools, all meals and decent living conditions are well organised and assured.

With schools now closed, our beneficiaries are back to their homes and strained environments.  We have therefore embarked on organising supportive measures which we continue to improve and build on, being:

  • We have held a funds drive where we have been able to feed 50 families of an average 5 members for at least 5 weeks and we are working to increase this capacity since we do not have a time frame within which normalcy will return.
  • We are currently strategizing on ways to support our beneficiaries in keeping up with online learning which is being offered but remains unreachable. To this effect we are trying to urgently obtain iPads/tablets that have internet connectivity capabilities to reach our students even in the most remote areas. This is a work in progress.

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