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Changing the story of giving

Or why we started iMPACT direct.

From now on, you can also choose to donate directly to an African nonprofit!

Why would you want to do so? 

Making a donation that is effective

First of all, making an unconditional donation is more effective, because it allows for goalsetting on-site. That means: African experts and beneficiaries will set the goals to decide what is needed and what are solutions to it. 

We believe the experts working at NGOs on the ground know best how to make impact in their own context. They are experienced NGOs with excellent records of making impact in the places they work. That’s why there were selected in the first place.

Contributing to equal collaboration between nonprofits from Europe and Africa

Secondly, we see there is a need for more equal collaboration between northern and southern NGOs in the development sector. 

Only 1% of the Dutch budget for development cooperation goes directly to NGOs in Africa, Asia or Latin America, and it’s not much different in other European countries. This means that goal-setting for African projects is often done behind a desk somewhere in Europe, and not on the ground, with the people who will experience the changes. 

Changing the story of giving

We want to change that! This is our theory of how to do that:

  • Selecting great African-led nonprofits and providing a website that makes donating simple and reliable.
  • The NGOs will spend the collected unconditional donations on improving lives in terms of poverty reduction and economic development; advanced education; or food security. They will share updates and reports on their work at our website. 
  • With this new way of giving, we want to contribute to a more equal collaboration between NGOs from Europe and Africa.

Support us in making a difference

Share this post or directly make your donation!

How it works? With iMPACT direct, 95% of the donations go directly to NGOs in Ghana and Kenya. This is our very first campaign and prototype; if you have ideas how to improve the site, please let us know!

iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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