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Business Enterprises Serve as Life-Support in Dry Seasons

When the rainy (farming) season is over in Northern Ghana, farmers have to endure 6-7 Months of dry season.

Unlike in Southern Ghana where there are two rainy (farming) seasons in the year, farmers in Northern Ghana must endure this long dry season without rain trying other livelihood ventures to survive. It goes without saying therefore that a sustainable small business environment is not only critical to the survival of thousands of rural folks but central in defining the quality of life of families and the future of women and children in particular.

Provision of Business Development Support Services remains critical as always in the march towards economic freedom for women and girls who on many occasions face the brunt of the long dry season. How is this so? Many of these women and girls are forced to live a two-part life; one life is lived in Southern Ghana as ‘Head Porters’ and the other lived back home in Northern Ghana as peasant farmers.

The ‘Business Women Fight Poverty Project’ is intended to contribute to shaping lives in rural communities and making life more dignified for women and children through the provision of enhanced skills training and coaching.

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