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Book a speaker on Africa

We need more stories from Africans speaking about Africa. As the one-sides stories from European media and NGOs do harm. It harms how we look at the continent (as Europeans and as Africans), the way we collaborate and the way we solve socio-economic problems.

In addition, there is growing evidence that local solutions are more effective, more cost-effective, and more sustainable. Directly supporting local solutions means creating more impact for the people concerned: donations can be used immediately, reach more people and improve more lives.

Presentations & Lectures

iMPACT direct and International Peace Initiatives can offer presentations or lectures to your students on these very topics. It will broaden their horizon to look at things from different perspectives and/or it make them feel more included, and it will strengthen their intercultural competencies. A great addition to a school/university’s curriculum on history and social studies.

We can offer lectures or presentations on:

  • The impact that development aid has, when we support local communities and their solutions.
  • Examples from the experience of Dr. Karambu’s International Peace Initiatives. They have various empoweredness programmes for children, women and the community on climate and entrepreneurship.
  • End with a Q&A.

The online lectures can be facilitated offline by iMPACT direct if desired.


We ask for a contribution of €100 per presentation of maximum one hour. 95% will go directly to the projects of IPI in Kenya. 

International Peace Initiatives | NL17 BUNQ 2056 6647 63 

More about iMPACT direct

We connect a large group of donors to underfunded locally-led NGOs and facilitate direct donations to these professional non-profits. That means: more impact for less money. 

How we do that? Experts in Ghana and Kenya carefully select local NGOs with impactful projects. Donations are unconditional, as we believe that local organisations make better local solutions AND realise impact for less budget. And finally, the NGOs report on their progress and results directly on our website for you to read.

Find out more about iMPACT direct:

More about International Peace Initiatives 

International Peace Initiatives (IPI) creates spaces where orphans can find who they are and thrive. Our homes provide a place where vulnerable children find love, care, shelter, food, education and a roof over their heads so that they can break the cycle of poverty in their lives and that of their families. Besides, IPI works with women living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of violence and communities with the tools and resources to move to stability and self-reliance.

Find out more about iMPACT direct: or

iMPACT direct

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