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Born and raised in Meru, Kenya, Dr. Karambu earned her Ph.D in intercultural communication in 2007 from the University of Denver. Dr. Karambu is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA.“I like to think of myself as a ‘regenculture’ space holder; a peace, healing and reconciliation activist, involved in promoting community based organizing that empowers grassroots people, especially women, youth and children challenged by disease, violence, and poverty to reclaim their power. Poverty is not just about lack of money, or absence of violence and disease, rather the greatest suffering in these areas results from a particular heart and mindset - lack of access to information, a lack of knowledge and support to successfully utilize and develop available resources to create a better life. I do not help people. I work with people because I know they have what it takes to transform their lives. I merely hold a space for them to ‘discover’ and step into their power. ”Karambu has used her extensive academic background and international experience working in many countries to design and implement models of effective community engagement, women’s and youth’s grassroots organizing programs, collaborative problem solving models, preemptive and post conflict reconciliation, and proactive health campaigns. She has built a successful, working model of “Amani Homes,” community homes of peace for orphans and vulnerable children in Meru, Kenya. In addition, she has created a vocational skills school that teaches so-called ‘school drop outs’ how to use their skills to create successful businesses. 80% of students graduating from this program set up their own businesses! Near the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (KACH), she has also built Tiriji (“the place of abundance”), Eco Centre, a regenculture (building a culture of regeneration - beyond sustainability and empowerment) center that trains people how to develop and sustain successful regenculture projects.Karambu is the 2019 Global Impact Award recipient; the 2019 Mark Wilhelm Award for Courage of Convictions; a 2016 Cordes Social Entrepreneurs Fellow; a 2015/16 Next Generation Leader Fellow of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, USA; the 2015 Life Achievement Award and 2015 Master Scholar Award winner, University of Denver, USA; and the 2012 African Achievers Award, UK – for her cutting edge work in innovative and sustainable models of development & peacebuilding, women’s human rights , children’s rights and global leadership programs around the world. She is the founder and president of the Tiriji Foundation (TF); International Peace Initiatives (IPI); and the founder: the Amani Children’s Homes (ACHs), the New Generation Leaders (NGL) program; and Tiriji Eco Centre; and co-founder, the Practical Permaculture Institute, Mount Kenya Region.Web: FB:

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