KACH Progress

We are very pleased to share our latest progress on the KACH boys’ dormitory project. We have completed the walls of 3 dorm rooms and now we are looking into roofing and furnishing the building. We are also working on the dining hall. Here are some photographs showing where we are at right now. We are excited to have accomplished so much on the dormitory project right now. The kids are so enthused to complete it and move in in a few months. Thank you, everyone, who took the time to financially donate to this project. We will celebrate moving in sooner than later!

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Report 1st campaign Affecto Stars

Ksh40909 (or €327) was used for the school fees of 2 form 4 students for one term. As it was not all sufficient, Affecto added up the amount from their own resources. Affecto has used the funds to pay school fees for 1 term for 2 Affecto stars in secondary schools. Affecto family is made up of fully sponsored students in various secondary schools in the country. Impact By empowering the young children in their formative years by virtue of gifting them with education, Affecto seeks at improving the liife styles of these children and at large the life of where they come from. Affecto...

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Covid stopped sales. Free stoves

COVID-19 related job losses and lack of incomes have cut off households’ access to decent living. This has exacerbated the predicament of women and children especially when it comes to domestic cooking. Households are unable to afford clean cook stoves thus increasing their health risks to diseases associated with unsustainable cooking systems.  Agriculture and Climate Empowerment Center (ACEC) has been forced to stop the sale of our affordable clean energy as a result of household’s inability to purchase the stoves. This cannot be left unaddressed hence ACEC’s resolve to distribute...

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Forming Learning Group for Fishmongers

CERATH Development Organization (CDO) constituted learning groups for fishmongers in selected coastal communities of Ghana. To promote knowledge sharing and skills transfer among fishmongers, in some fishing communities in Ghana. With the support of the leadership of the fishmongers in the selected communities, popularly known as the ‘konkohemaa’ (fish queen), other influential fishmongers were identified. These influential persons were tasked to mobilize and organize their colleagues into groups – with the mobilizers serving as leads for their respective groups. This initiative...

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COVID-19: How demand for clean cook stoves is reducing while health risks are increasing

The COVID-19 outbreak in Ghana has greatly limited our activities. In the same regard, demand for the cook stoves has declined drastically as a result of loss of livelihoods faced by people due to lockdowns, restrictions and quarantine measures instituted by government. This unfortunate development has resulted in many households reeling from the shocks presented by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Households are getting poorer- economically and health wise. Most parents are unable to earn incomes to take care of their children as a result of job losses caused by the ravaging pandemic....

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COVID-19: Home with 63 children

Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (KACH) is a program of International Peace Initiatives (IPI). KACH opened its doors to 10 orphans on 23rd August 2009. In a few days time, KACH will be eleven (11) years old. Today KACH is home to 63 orphans and 10 others who do not live at the Home but are supported by IPI. COVID-19 had not only brought the world ‘home’ to stay, it also brought KACH kids, all 63 of them, Home to stay. I do not know how many children you have in your home. I have 63 at this time. When COVID-19 knocked at our door in March and all schools were closed, I...

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Failure of mainstream development

The success of the work of International Peace Initiatives comes from an understanding of the local context, local people and the international donor world and how these three factors have led to the failure of the development ‘story’ to create sustainable change in the lives of people. The failure of mainstream development is a result of ‘empowerment without a heart.’ Modern day aid-driven development perpetuates a dependency mindset in people.  Mainstream development has not worked because people are taught how to fish but are given the wrong tools so that when they fail, they are...

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Regeneration Approach

Our work is based on a holistic system approach that models people working with intention to transform their circumstances, inspire resilience and create thriving lives. Through workshops, seminars and circle gatherings we invite people to engage in dialogue and exercises that help them understand their circumstances and then birth their own solutions. The tools we use are a regenerative philosophy we call ‘reclaiming wastelands’ and a dialogue approach that invites people to think for themselves, use their experiences as the template for transformation and craft their own solutions. We...

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COVID 19: Sensitization for Fisherfolks

With the COVID19 pandemic affecting every activity and various sectors of the country, the fishery sector has not been left out. The fishery sector in Ghana provides a significant source of protein for Ghanaians and contributes immensely to food security. However, restrictions imposed by the government such as the closure of restaurants, closure of borders, and the social distancing policy affected harvesting and sale of fish. Fishmongers have also been equally impacted due to reduced fish catch and reduction in sales. Directives issued by the government on public gatherings and the partial...

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