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Akinyi’s Transformation through Boats for Fisher Women

Meet Akinyi, a resilient fisherfolk woman from Kaugege, a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria. Like many women in her community, Akinyi’s life was once confined to the roles of homemaker and caregiver, relying solely on her husband’s income from fishing to support their family. This subjected her to gender-based violence.

However, after participating in the Boats for Fisher Women Project, everything changed. Throughout the vocational skills training sessions, Akinyi’s determination and eagerness to learn were palpable, reflecting her unwavering commitment to transform her life. Akinyi’s unwavering dedication to self-improvement served as a beacon of inspiration to her peers.

Akinyi seized the chance to apply for a loan from WA-WA Fisherfolk Cooperative. She embarked on her entrepreneurial venture: a small-scale fries business. Armed with her knowledge of the local market and the skills acquired from the vocational training program, Akinyi set up a frying station near Mbita-Homa Bay road at Kaugege.

During our recent visit, she confirmed that her business is gradually attracting customers, with her deliciously fries and exceptional service enabling her to earn profits that help in managing the business as well as taking care of her daily family needs.

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