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Additional Information-Youth Employment Centre

  1. What happens with the Training Centre after the project ends? How will Pinasol be able to keep up with the costs for the building (maintenance) and trainers for training and staff for job linking?

Post the establishment of the training centre project, the centre be used as a Centre of excellence where corporates, trade associations among others will enrol for short courses like business management and project management courses at a fee. This will enable Pinasol Foundation to accommodate the vulnerable.

To keep up with the costs for the building (maintenance) and trainers, Pinasol Foundation will train its staff in the identified trade skills areas such as 3D-epoxy and bio-digester. The skilled staff will help with maintenance services at the centre which reduces cost and honorarium to trade experts. In addition, Pinasol foundation has trained and awarded over 400 master craftsmen in several trade areas and awarded NVTI certificates. The foundation will engage them at a reduced and subsidised fee to train at the centre as a way to give back to the foundation. Further, Pinasol plans to rent out the workshop space and the training centre hall to other organisations and businesses. This will generate revenue to maintain and run the facility.

The training centre will also be used for workplace experience learning and job linking. Pinasol staff together with volunteers, will identify skilled labour jobs in the communities such as painting and construction and link trainees.

2. Will Pinasol receive any financial support from Ghanaian Government (the department that you work together on TVET) or trade associations?

There is no arrangement to receive monetary support from Government of Ghana as at now. However, Pinasol will receive support from World Vision Ghana towards the project. This is after Pinasol Foundation recent renewal of its partnership with World Vision Ghana.  World Vision Ghana provides financial support to Pinasol’s TVET and career education programs.  In this project, World vision will pay for training cost of its community volunteers and the youths they support.

When the centre is established, we envision to have it accredited with commission for Technical Vocational Education and Training (CTVET). This qualifies the centre to receive direct government funds to training many more youths in vocational skills.

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