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Additional Information-Weaving for Economic Independence

The project is locally embedded and the weaving of fabric that is locally/traditionally used.
The woven fabrics to be produced by the beneficiaries is a local or traditional attire in Ghana. The attire is very popular and every Ghanaian will always want to have at least one hand woven fabric in their closet including chiefs. It is also worn during festivals. Ghanaians across the world patronize the woven fabrics too and make orders. This creates massive demand for the product.

Uncertainty of the sales options after training
Song-Ba Empowerment Centre has a show room where the woven fabrics are kept and sold. The show room attracts a lot of customers including foreigners who visit our project site. We also will take advantage of conferences and online sale to promote the products. Besides, the participants will be trained in marketing and customer service to make and retain customers.

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