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Additional Information- Snail Farming Project

  1. How to finance the project after the project ends? 

    HCF prioritises sustainability at a project level ensuring that the project expands past implementation in order to make a lasting impact. The snail farming project will be self-sufficient after the one-year implementation. The farm is expected to generate an approximate income of €4.033. 90% of the profits will be divided among the women while 10% goes to HCF allowing them to recruit, train and empower more women. The costs will be carefully monitored and there will be continued market research performed to ensure we can sell the mature snails for a profit. With increased size, the project can run more efficiently, reducing costs even further and putting more income into the hands of the women we are working to support.  

    2. What will the women have after the project ends (are they co-owner, employee, …?) And who will own the structures? 

    The women participating in this project are the co-owners of the project including the structures. Therefore, post implementation, they continue to run the project on their own and HCF provides market linkages for the snails and the snail products.  

    3. How are/will be the women organised. In cooperative organization form? Can you explain more on that?  

    The women have already organized themselves to form a cooperative. Being in a cooperative, the women have a stronger voice in the snail supply chain. They will therefore collectively establish solid markets for the snails and their products. Each week there will be a new topic of additional training on entrepreneurial skills, managing people, and how to market and sell. When the snails are large enough to sell, the HCF will provide them with ready market to sell the snails efficiently. Keeping a large and consistent supply of snails all year means that the project can help the farmers maximize their income by selling the snails when it is most advantageous, but also providing the individual farmers with consistent income throughout the year. 

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