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Additional Information-Second Chance for Teen Mothers

How will Young Strong Mothers collaborate with Local businesses to support the trainees.
Young Strong Mothers Foundation kickstarts every vocational training (including this project) by identifying various stakeholders within the field related to the skills the participants will learn.

We then collaborate with local businesses through learning visits whereby they share their experiences in practical ways. They also accept our beneficiaries to do short-term learning through volunteering work on sales, marketing, or production. Through this process, the women and girls feel, learn, and get familiar with the targeted business, build connections, and get employment opportunities.

Is there availability of local financing?

  1. Village Community Banking (VICOBA)
    This is a micro-finance community-based system through which the trainees, in their groups, will save and take up low interest (5%-10%) loans to start individual loans.

  2. Government Loan
    This is a free-interest loan set by Local Government Areas from their revenue for the empowerment of women, youth, and people with disabilities. It is availed to groups to carry out income-generating activities to lift their households out of poverty. The loan is interest free and groups determine their periodical repayment amounts provided the loan is cleared within the agreed period.

    The trainees in their groups will apply for this loan with which they can start a joint venture in line with their skills.

What will be the next steps for the 20 participants after the training?
After training, the trainees will be linked to existing businesses for a 2 weeks internship. Upon completion, those that decide to get employed will be recommended for the jobs.

However, we encourage the graduates to remain with us for an extra 6 months for further mentorship. During this period, the trainees are organised into 4 groups and are trained in Village Community Banking. The groups will also be registered under the Morogoro Municipal.

After receiving the certificate YSMF will support them in applying for the government loan. When granted, they can carry out income-generating activities in line with acquired skills to lift their households out of poverty. Young Strong Mothers Foundation has a previously acquired similar funding for other trained groups.

At the same time, the groups will have income generated through hairdressing, sales from the hair and makeup kits, and other beauty and hair products at the centre.

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