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Additional Information-Grow Women Fish Business

Clarity on how the business hub will be financed post the project implementation.

The hub will be a point of sale space where our women will be exhibiting a collection of their hand made products like (Soap making, tailormade clothes, paper bags and cakes). The income generated will be channeled to rent and buying raw materials for the handicrafts post the project implementation.

What is the revenue and cost projections for the fully established hub beyond the project?

We project at least 30% interest return of investment. 30% of UGX14,734,937/ (our total project investment is UGX736,747 per month. If this figure is divided by our targeted 10 women, each will earn UGX73,674 for 30 days thus UGX2455 per day. This is a complementary income that should enable our 10 women, including their main stream business of selling fish, make more than USD1 per day . We anticipate that this will double as the project grows and gets popularized.

Establishment of the hub, coordination, training monitoring and evaluation will cost €800 which is an average of €134 per month. If this cost is shared by the 10 women, each will contribute €14 per month and equivalent of UGX56,000/ per a single woman per month. This is the operational cost projection on investment for the established hub beyond the project.

How will the motorcycles and sewing machines be maintained after the project?

Customers who place online orders for fish will pay delivery fees based on the distance. This income will cater for fuel cost, rider fees and maintenance of the motorcycle.  

On the other hand, income from clothes tailored by our women from the hub using the given sewing machines will contribute to the maintenance of the sewing machines.

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