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Additional information – Bee-Farming figthts Poverty

What is the origin of the bees (to prevent biodiversity loss due to invasive exotic species)

Vulnerable Aid Organization (VAO) works together with an expertise organisation called Ghana Permaculture Institute in this Bee-project that stands for ecological and environmental sustainable approaches. 

The bees come from other colonies or swarms. A new hive when established, a queen bee leaves with a group of worker bees to form a new colony, or when a swarm of bees relocates to a suitable location, such as a vacant hive or a tree cavity. In the project locations there are several options to attract them into the new hives since they are already in the environment and needs a habitat.

Bee species

Apis mellifera is a bee species common in Ghana. Apis mellifera is Ghana’s dominant honeybee species, with several subspecies adapting to diverse ecological zones across the country. However, there are native bees such as the stingless bees which belong to the family of Apidae which they are the only group besides the genus Apis (honey bees). Any of these two species would be used for this project but it also depends on the local and type of species available in the area since we are not importing any bee species.

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