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Additional Information-2nd Chance through Fashion

Clarity on the possibility of the trainees dropping out and action thereof.

Pre-Training Workshops
Grown To Help conducts pre-training workshops to identify the challenges the project participants might face during the training, and find adequate solutions to help them attend and complete the sessions. We have already conducted one workshop with interested beneficiaries and have begun addressing these issues.

An example; some trainees assist their parents with household activities, and their parents expect them to engage in activities that bring immediate profits. To address this, we have discussed the matter with local leaders in their communities and are organizing a meeting
with all the parents. The goal is to help them understand the long-term benefits of the project for their families and to respect the trainees’ right to pursue their dreams of becoming financially independent.

Regular assessment and feedback
We will ensure continuous project monitoring to identify areas where trainees may need additional support. This involves helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and adjusting their learning strategies as needed.

An example; if a trainee is struggling to keep pace with the others and feels discouraged, our regular monitoring and evaluation practices will help us address this. We will assess whether
teachers are adhering to project ethics and considering each recipient’s capabilities, timelines, and curriculum. Additionally, we will evaluate if the recipients are following training regulations. By working together, we can help trainees keep pace with the others, enhance mentorship, and provide additional sessions if necessary, allowing them
to attend classes every day instead of just three times a week.

Explanation on the outflow of the trainees upon graduation. Why retain 4 and have 6 become self-employed? Given that the 6 trained will not utilise the skills in the short-term
The program’s curriculum includes an entrepreneurship course within a 12-month duration, which features a 4-month internship at the centre. This internship allows trainees to apply their skills and prepare for self-employment. Additionally, we will organize them to form savings groups as a strategy to monitor their progress and provide assistance if they
encounter any difficulties.

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