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Our Vision

iMPACT direct believes that development cooperation creates more impact by distributing funds more fairly and thus expanding the decision-making table to include locally-led NGOs and the community members they work with.

In 2020, the budget for development cooperation was $156 billion; local NGOs that are the first to respond, last to leave received 2.1% directly. In the Netherlands, only 1% of Dutch development funding reaches local NGOs. This needs to change.

Why? Because research points out that locally-led NGOs are more effective. When contributing to existing solutions and resources, donations can be used immediately, reach more people, and improve lives. What’s more, local NGOs and communities build a long-lasting relationship beyond the funding period.

The global aid and development sector is changing because tackling complex development and humanitarian issues is not a one-size-fits-all. It is a collective effort between all parties. See our Theory of Change for a more detailed explanation of how we contribute to making that change.

Team iMPACT direct


Organisational details

  • Name:

    iMPACT direct Foundation

  • Date of foundation:

    June 12 2020

  • Bank account №:

    NL 37 BUNQ 2044.8290.45

  • Chamber of Commerce №:

  • RSIN №:

Integrity & Complaints

Trust and transparency between our NGOs, partners and donors is at the heart of our integrity policy. That’s why our team has regular contact with everyone we collaborate with – face to face and online. If you do suspect any misconduct, then please report it confidently through info@impactdirect.eu.

This email address can also be used to report integrity issues and complaints.

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