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About iMPACT direct

Our Approach

At iMPACT direct, we believe that solutions getting people out of extreme poverty are already in place by locally-led NGOs. Since these locally-led NGOs are the first to respond and last to leave, they are responsible for most of the impact in development cooperation. That is why we support locally-led NGOs, by:

  1. Showcasing their expertise on our website and in (online) promotion.
  2. Facilitating access to funding to locally-led NGOs.
  3. Providing professionalisation of their organisations, with training, sharing expertise, matchmaking and grants.
  4. Taking a trust-based approach in partnerships. 

Our aim is that in 3 years’ time our partner-NGOs become the best impact-makers in their region. Getting 100,000 people out of extreme poverty with existing solutions on Income (or No Poverty), Zero Hunger and Quality (Vocational) Education, withing and beyond our support.

Simultaneously, it creates more impact for our donors. By directly donating to credible locally-led NGOs through iMPACT direct, they get more value for money for their donation.

Team iMPACT direct

Board iMPACT direct

Dieuwertje Damen

Director Rainbow Collection

Richard Yeboah

Director MDF West Africa in Ghana

Nicky Wakou

Manager Géant in the Netherlands

Wanjiku Jean Munyaka

Board member
Technology for Social Impact at Microsoft in Kenya

Team iMPACT direct

Inemarie Dekker

Executive Director

Martha Mwangi

Programme Manager Africa

Joana Ohene

NGO Relations West Africa

Karsten Albers

Design & Data Officer

Renata Heezemans

Socials Officer

Sofina Merinyo


Advisors iMPACT direct

Lori Cajegas

Chair Advisory Board
Consultant iNGOs in the Netherlands

Balt Leenman

Member Advisory Board
Social & Tech Entrepreneur in the Netherlands

Naomi Wanjiru Njeri

Member Advisory Board
Budget Officer African Development Bank in Ivory Coast

Karen Kammeraat

Member Financial Committee
Founder Brilliant Entrepreneur


Integrity & Complaints

Trust and transparency between our NGOs, partners and donors is at the heart of our integrity policy. That’s why our team has regular contact with everyone we collaborate with – face to face and online. If you do suspect any misconduct, then please report it confidently through This email address can also be used to report integrity issues and complaints.

Want to remain anonymous? For Partner-NGOs: Give your feedback or complaint here. For donors and others: Give your feedback or complaint here.





iMPACT direct

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