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A synopsis of ACEC’s Mangrove Restoration Project In Ghana

In their effort to increase communities resilience against climate change, ACEC is implementing a mangrove restoration project in Ghana. This intervention is being funded through Impact Direct!

The project aims to protect and encourage the sustainable use of mangrove forests along the south eastern coast of the Gomoa West district in Ghana. The district authorities and local people particularly lack the knowledge to curb the growing rate of degradation and deforestation of mangrove plantations in the area. They also lack knowledge on the value of mangroves.

For this reason, ACEC is providing environmental education to more than 300 households with an estimated population of 1560 people within the catchment area. Six (6) community groups are being trained to restore and sustainably use a 30 hectare area of mangroves. So far 72 propagules (also known as mangrove seedlings) have been planted to restore the ecosystem.

The results have been enormous since the project began last year. At the moment, this has improved the socio-economic livelihoods of the community folk through the incomes obtained from the sale of firewood and fishing activities. It has also led to the restoration and growth of aquatic animals that use the mangroves as spawning grounds.

Figure 1: A beneficiary on her way to sell firewood derived from the mangroves.

Figure 2: A community member observing the growth of a propagule he planted.

Figure 3: A community member harvesting mangrove woods

Figure 4: A view of the mangrove seedlings planted along the coastline

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