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A Sigh of Relief

The wish of Walima Mchicha group  to have a sustainable irrigation system is becoming a reality. To realise this, TAI through donations by iMPACT direct has drilled a 70 meters borehole for the women farmers. The borehole is capable of producing approximately 10,000 liters of water per hour.

“Our lives are going to change. No more carrying buckets of water to the gardwn for watering. I will a bigger piece of land because irrigation has been simplified.”

Scholastica Shitobeleone remarked with great conviction.

The water supply is sufficient for their vegetable gardens throughout the year. This will increase their vegetable  production.  We are currently working towards the installation of water pumps and a water tank.

See the work in progress in the video below:

iMPACT direct

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