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A Green Grocery Business Is Helping Reward Feed Her Child

OLCAP helped ten women in Isulu start green grocery and bakery 
businesses. One is Reward, who started a green grocery business two 
weeks ago. She was first interested in operating a bakery, but after 
doing market research, she started a green grocery as she thought it 
would be more economically viable.

Reward said: “I’m grateful to OLCAP for training me on how to run a 
small business successfully and helping me open a green grocery 
business. It has been two weeks, and I have started to earn an income. 
Before I joined the project, I didn’t have money to buy food for my 
two-and-a-half-year-old child. Now I use some of the profit from the 
business to provide food for her. As a single mother, I’m empowered and 
want to say thank you.” Reward Alionya (a 20-year-old school dropout and 
a single mother of one.)

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