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4 good causes start with project 

Out of the 12 projects that started in 2023 with fundraising, 4 have been already successfully funded with your donation, by grants and donations by companies!

What impact are these projects making?

  • 10 women are making fishing boats the start fishing and rent out boats. It’s unique at this location, where fishers are usually men. (WA WA, Rusinga Island, Kenia)
  • 25 girls and young women who have been the victim of sexual violence, reclaim their lives by learning a profession, for instance hair dressing, and start working at the NGO’s cooperation or start their own business. (IPI, Meru, Kenia)
  • 30 young single mothers start a sunflower-oil and -cake cooperation. These women who once have been socially excluded, being pregnant and unmarried, will become respected citizens again in their community. (TAI, Buganika, Tanzania)
  • 5 groups of 20 women practice ecological agriculture after training, and learned other skills for off-season income generation. (VAO, Brewaniase, Ghana)

With these 4 projects 165 women are lifted out of extreme poverty. On average 4 family members benefit. In turn, that means that in total 743 women, men and children have daily healthy meals at the table, can go the doctor, and to school. 

That is why we are incredibly happy with your support to these projects!

Note: 2 more projects have been financed successfully in 2023. They started fundraising in 2022. Those are: Beauty Parlour (WA WA) and Young Solar Electricians (Pinasol). 

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