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iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING

At iMPACT direct one can directly donate to successful projects of African nonprofits, who support people out of extreme poverty. Besides, we support these non-profits for three years to become the best impact-makers in their region.

Local expertise matters

Locally-led non-profits and the people involved often have the best solutions at hand. Donating directly to these projects means that people living in extreme poverty get help faster and cheaper.

Why? Because today a lot of aid money isn’t going to the right place or to the right solutions, because:

  • On average 35% of the traditional aid budget is spent in northern countries.
  • Approximately 63% of these funds are spent on finding solutions far away from the local context.
  • Only 2% of the global aid budget directly reaches locally-led NGOs.

iMPACT direct’s unique approach

We do it differently altogether. That is why we guarantee:

  • Featuring credible locally-led NGOs at our website. By finding and carefully selecting NGOs in the countries we work. And by working closely together.
  • Transferring 95% of all project donations to the non-profits and let them decide how donations are spent.
  • Supporting each partner-NGO to professionalise their organisation, so that they can keep on making impact also after our partnership ends. 

This approach is unique in the Netherlands.

Join the impact

A general donation supports all open projects and our mission. Or choose one project to support. NGOs always provide a short report about how donations were used.

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Since 2020
35 projects

in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania

€ 166,298 donated

to 16 African NGOs

3175 lives improved

+ 7757 people benefited  

Direct donation, lasting impact

Do you want to make more impact? Your donation directly benefits people living in extreme poverty. The local solutions show that an average of €55 can support one person with a sustainable project on No Poverty (or income), Zero Hunger & Climate, or Quality (vocational) Education.

Want to know more? Read all the updates and reports of our partner-NGOs. 

iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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