About iMPACT direct

We connect donors to frontline African NGOs to maximise their impact. In that way we support African-led projects.

Our impact

By supporting one of the projects on our website, led by African NGOs, you contribute directly to the economic development, food security and/or advanced education they realise.

For example, with a €1,116 raised in our first campaign, the lives of 100 men, women and children were improved, meaning: Income of women increased by using climate-friendly ovens in Ghana. And children and youth have been supported with an extra year in school in Kenya.

iMPACT direct is a new initiative. As we grow, we also strive to grow our contribution to a balanced collaboration between northern and southern NGOs, and strengthening civil societies in Africa, starting with Ghana and Kenya.

How we work

iMPACT direct wants to provide an alternative for both donors and African non-profits. This is how:
  • Reliability: At our website we stage projects from carefully selected NGOs for you to directly support quality projects. The NGOs publish updates about their work and report about the impact of your donation, unfiltered and unedited.

  • More value for every donated euro: You select the project you want to donate to; we transfer 95% of your donation directly to the NGO. That saves costs of middlemen and makes sure a maximum amount will be used for improving lives. 

  • Increased impact: Donations are unconditional. That means that the NGOs themselves decide on how they will spend the donations. As they know best what is needed on the ground and come up with the solutions that are locally build, owned and sustained.

Why this is needed

As it is throughout Europe, approximately only 1% of the Dutch budget for development cooperation funds local NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America directly, excluding those with local knowledge and expertise and are frequently the front liners. The funding imbalance results in the goals being set behind desks somewhere in the north. The communities who will experience the changes and live with the impacts left out of the decision making. (Sources: Disrupt Developmentthe Guardian, Vice Versa, Trouw)
The global Covid-19 crisis pandemic has negatively impacted global economies, including in Africa, where it is estimated that the economic setbacks will push the continent back 10 to 30 years. Presently Africa is going through a disastrous increase in poverty levels for the first time in 30 years. (sources: ILO, NRC, Oxfam, FD)


Community Mangrove Restoration



Green entrepreneurs



Boys’ Dormitory children’s home


International Peace Initiatives

iMPACT direct updates

We are very pleased to share our latest progress on the KACH boys’ dormitory project. We have completed the walls of 3 dorm rooms and now we are looking into roofing and furnishing the building. We are also working on the dining hall. Here are some photographs showing where we are at right now. We are excited to have accomplished so much on the dormitory project right now. The kids are so enthused to complete it and move in in a few months. Thank you, everyone, who took the time to financiall…
The iMPACT DIRECT conversation introduces the listeners to the iMPACT direct foundation, and it’s the attempt to rebalance development funding discrepancies. The conversation touches on aid fatigue experienced by donors, donor recipients, the importance of building trust between donors and recipients, the inclusion of communities in the solutions seeking, and decision-making. We opined on the importance of availing a seat at the table and that while adding more seats to the table is funda…
The problemWith the northern NGOs having approximately 98% of the worldwide international development budget in their hands, they also have the decision-making power over solutions in African communities. This has serious consequences: when African NGOs just have an implementing role, it means there is no local agency, credibility or legitimacy. And this rather weakens civil society than strengthen it.  Yet, civil society is a vital power in protecting or creating common goods l…

“Today my grandson was born. And it reminded me how well-off we are in the Netherlands. That’s why I decided to donate.

Donor —

Team iMPACT direct

Inemarie Dekker

Founder & Representative NL

“I am passionate about developing social solutions with the people concerned and – as a team – realising our ideas. This can be a sports project with teen girls and the municipality in my hometown or developing a social business idea with international reach.”

Read more about Inemarie Dekker

“With an educational background in international development cooperation and years of experience in the sector, I was looking for alternatives for those things within the development sector that need to be improved in order to create equal collaboration and thus projects and teams creating (more) impact.

That’s how the idea of iMPACT direct started. Together with Richard and Isaac we developed a first prototype – that attracted our first expert volunteers, participating NGOs and donors. Now we’re working of professionalising iMPACT direct and we hope that soon we can stage more projects in more countries and thus make more impact!”

Richard Yeboah

Representative Ghana

“I am a serial entrepreneur and have supported many entrepreneurs, companies, and NGOs in their early start-up to become sustainable entities. Both in industrialised and developing countries with a special focus on diaspora and youth entrepreneurs(hip).”

Read more about Richard Yeboah

“I truly believe, and I am convinced that people who continue to develop themselves are best equipped to make a sustainable difference towards more equitable societies. As such my focus area has always been in capacity development of individuals, organisations, partnerships and networks, aiming at achieving positive impact within their communities.

I have a passion for business development, while putting social impact at the forefront of everything that I do. I do not believe in quick-fit solutions, but always seek to develop capacity and train others to pay it forward.

After years of doing this in Europe, I am now doing this in Africa. Being part of iMPACT direct is a natural course in my journey of contributing towards a sustainable equitable society.”

Isaac Waithaka

Representative Kenya

“I am born and bred in a rural village on the foot of Mount Kenya. As an experienced and successful social entrepreneur with a background in international relations and community development, I hold expertise in implementing and executing creative solutions to solve social problems.”

Read more about Isaac Waithaka

“What’s more, I am a solid leader who is highly analytical and strong at developing, planning, and implementing comprehensive strategies to achieve goals and objectives that lead to measurable results.

I have a strong drive and passion to improve the lives of others, and especially those on the lower end of the periphery in the society. I am particularly interested in co-creating social initiatives with a high added value for different social groups, with a special focus on sustainable development, believing that a meaningful and lasting change can only happen when various institutions work closely together. Moreover, I personally think that solutions designed in the North may not work on the ground in the South because of the differences in culture and social fabric. Hence, the unwavering commitment to this noble project.”

Nicky Wakou

Nicky Wakou

Communications Manager

“I am passionate about making development work for all. As such, I believe that people-centred policies are fundamental to achieving lasting solutions to complex issues. Solutions that must be jointly created with the local community.”


Read more about Nicky Wakou

The local community facing the hardship and are frequently the first to respond during a crisis. Create solutions together with the international experts who are providing relief.

With more than a decade of first-hand experiences with the intricates of development financing and public policy in an interconnected world, the inclusion of aid donation recipients in the decision-making process balances power and subsequent quality of the decisions. Connecting donors to donation recipients also ensure overall ownership and sustainability of the policies. Being part of iMPACT direct is a natural progression towards a fairer, collaborative global community where we disrupt the systems by replacing North decision-makers for NGO’s led by those with significant understanding of the realities on the ground”.

iMPACT direct 

iMPACT direct FAQs

How does it work?
  • Selection of NGOs is done by an expert in the country upon our criteria. The iMPACT direct team has the expertise, network and proximity to be able to make that selection. At our website we stage projects from these carefully selected NGOs. That enables you to directly support quality projects.
  • Donations for projects are transferred to the NGOs without conditions, so the decision-making power is in the country of operation and not in Europe. As the NGOs on the ground come up with the solutions that are locally build, owned and sustained.
  • We work towards open and equal relations, with donors and with the participating NGOs. For example, we organise Q&A sessions between donors and NGOS. And the NGOs publish updates about their work and report about the impact of your donation. The good and what can be improved, unfiltered and unedited.
What’s new about iMPACT direct?

iMPACT direct gives you the opportunity to support a cause you believe in directly. Not through INGOs or small private initiatives.

But why donate to African-led NGOs directly? It creates more impact for less budget. And local NGOs can react to immediate or changing needs much faster.

What’s also new: donations through iMPACT direct are unconditional.

And the updates and reports of the NGOs at our website will not be edited or filtered.

How much of my donation will reach the NGOs in Africa?

With iMPACT direct, 95% of the donations go directly to NGOs.

And that is a lot!

In comparison to:

  • As it is throughout Europe, approximately only 1% of the Dutch budget for development cooperation funds southern NGOs (meaning NGOs in Africa, Asia or Latin America). What’s more, 31% of the budget remains in the Netherlands! (sources: Vice VersaTrouw)
  • From an International NGO’s budget it is said that between 45 and 60% will get to the people who need it. (source: An interview with Give Directly in Dominee of Koopman)
  • NGOs on average spend 20% on overhead for staff and offices. Huge costs reductions can take place when offices are located in Africa and hire local experts. (source: this 20% is often a grant requirement)
  • Small private initiatives might do better when it comes to budget spent on the actual projects and beneficiaries, but may face limitations in quality, when working with volunteers or non-professionals.

Note: The remaining 5% of your donation through iMPACT direct, will be used for website costs, financial system costs and transfer costs. During this pilot the entire team works on a voluntary basis (though we are professionals).

What are the criteria for NGOs to join iMPACT direct?

The iMPACT direct website stages professional African-led projects that are improving lives in their communities. Making a big difference with small budgets.

These are our selection criteria:

Participating NGOs:

  1. Are African-led NGOs that are compliant with local regulations (i.e. officially registered and have a bank account and thus were KYC-checked at their bank). 
  2. Whose initiators started from a great idea for local projects, with own or local resources and can show impact but fail to get (sufficient) resources from granting donors.
  3. Contribute to one of these 3 SDGs: poverty reduction/economic development (SDG1); food security (SDG 2); and higher education (SDG4).
  4. Show how their project improves lives (facilitated by our application survey, project form and reporting format).
  5. Are cost-efficient (i.e. budget/lives improved).
  6. Engage their beneficiaries in evaluation of projects.
  7. Are transparent – like iMPACT direct itself – by sharing project information, updates and reports on our website.


After NGOs applied through an application survey, selection of NGOs is done by an expert in the country. Currently, we work in Ghana and Kenya only. As we grow, we hope to also start working in other countries.

We are now open for applications from more NGOs from Ghana and Kenya. Fill in the application form before 22 February 2021.

Can I make a donation as an organisation or company?

Of course! This works exactly the same way as for individual donors.

If you do want to tell the world about your donation, let us know at info@impactdirect.eu or via our social media channels and we can share your update!

Why unconditional donations?

Unconditional means that the NGOs themselves decide on how they will spend the donations. As they have the knowledge and expertise and know best what is needed on the ground and come up with the solutions that are locally build, owned and sustained. 

They are experienced NGOs with excellent records of making impact in the places they work. That’s why they were selected in the first place.

For example, donations can be used as start-up capital to small businesses of women in fisheries in Ghana, or toward school fees for secondary-school students in Kenya, or they could go toward staff costs – because hiring professionals for the job requires money too.

NGOs will share the project donations are collected for, updates and a report on how they spent the donations, directly on the website; unfiltered and unedited.

How does iMPACT direct measures impact?

To get to know if we’re making the impact we envision, we:

  • Share the project plans, updates and reports of the NGOs how lives of men, women or children are improved (and we can help out in this if needed.)
  • Measure our own cost-effectiveness (costs/transferred €’s)
  • Monitor donors’ and NGOs’ satisfaction
  • See what change it makes for NGOs to receive unconditional donations

As a starting initiative, we use all these learnings to quickly learn, adapt and improve.

If you have suggestions or ideas for improvement, please let us know at info@impactdirect.eu!

Results of a first year. What are we piloting?

We started iMPACT direct in April 2020 with €0 budget! Expertise and time to test our idea were donated, by website developers, a legal expert, communications experts and the team!

We want to test our idea: do donors like it, do NGOs like it, and can we take first steps towards the change that we envision?

We want to provide an alternative for both donors and African-led NGOs. We want to support civil society in Africa, because times are hard on civil society, yet NGOs are a vital power claiming human rights in a system shared with (multinational) companies and governmental institutions.

The basic features we test during the pilot are:

  • An alternative for donors who want to donate directly to southern NGOs in a reliable way.
  • An alternative for the participating NGOs to get some income and set their own goals on how to spend it.
  • An alternative for reporting that is as good, but much simpler.
  • And the feasibility of the 95%| 5% division.

As we grow, we plan to present more NGOs from more African countries on our website.

And we need your feedback to be able to improve! Please, let us know yours at info@impactdirect.eu!

What’s next, for 2021?

In 2021 we will plan for three campaigns and develop, prototype and develop specific aspects of our idea further, with the help of one or more funds:

  • Selection of new NGOs, that show the impact of the projects they work on
  • How can we improve our website for donors in terms of text, design and features?
  • What are ‘graduation criteria’ for participating NGOs; when are they ready to find their own way in the world of international grants? And how can we assist them to get there.
How to donate, if I can’t use the donation button?

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For manual transfers inside the European Union, you use:

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From outside the European Union, you can easily donate via a bank transfer to our TransferWise account in your own currency.

When doing a manual transfer, please indicate the NGO you want to support. Otherwise, we will split the donation into four equal parts for each organisation.


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Note: We’re working on a PayPal button for people outside the European Union and to allow for regular donations.

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