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iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING

iMPACT direct connects a large group of donors to underfunded African non-profits with successful local solutions. We enable direct donations to their projects. In this way, your donation reaches more people and creates more impact.

Local expertise matters

Locally-led non-profits and the communities involved have the expertise and knowledge to tackle the social injustices in their local setting. These NGOs are the first to respond, last to leave, and are responsible for 70% of all impact in development cooperation. However, they directly receive only 2% of the total global aid budget.

Imagine how much impact can be made, if locally-led NGOs would receive more than this marginal 2%! That is exactly our ambition! In three years’ time we hope to:

  • Raise at least €1 million euro
  • To support 65 locally-led non-profits
  • That will improve the lives of 90,000 people

iMPACT direct’s unique approach

  • In the countries we work, we find and carefully select credible locally-led non-profits.
  • We facilitate direct connections between donors and local non-profits, through our website, with applications to grants and in (online) events.
  • And we transfer 95% of your donation to the non-profits and their already successful local solutions. The non-profits decide on how to spend the donations.

This approach is unique in the Netherlands. With additional funding, locally-led nonprofits can improve more lives right away. It means more impact for less budget in less time.

Join the iMPACT

Your donation supports the locally-led projects ánd our mission. Or choose one project to support. Donors always receive a short report from the NGO about how donations were used.

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Since 2020
42 projects
in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
€ 70,179 donated
2390 lives improved

+ 5303 people benefited  

Direct donation, lasting impact

Your donation directly benefits people living below the poverty line. The online projects show that an average of €45 can support one person with a sustainable solution on income, climate or advanced education.

That is how each donation improves lives.

iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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